Factory testing per specified requirements verify performance where conditions are critical.

Cascade’s high capacity test facility is specifically designed for performance testing of vertical wet pit axial and mixed flow pumps. Included is the ability to test prototype and model pumps with simulated field sump conditions and submergences.

Standard test set-ups include the actual job bowl assembly with a laboratory motor and elbow.

Fully or partially assembled pumps can also be tested with either job drivers or laboratory motors.

Where full size testing is not practical or economical, testing of a homologous model bowl assembly can predict full size performance using the affinity relationships.

Capacities are measured through venturi type flow meters to 110,000 gpm with discharge heads being measured from vacuum to 150 feet of water. Shaft rotative speed is measured with a magnetic transducer and counter to within 0.1 revolution per minute. Motor input is measured through current transformers on a Watt meter to 1,500 brake horsepower. The available power supply is 3 phase, 60 Hertz, 240 volts, 480 volts, 2,300 volts and 4,160 volts.

Tests are conducted in accordance with the Hydraulic Institute Test Standards or customer requirements. Contract testing is available. Cascade has been a member of the Hydraulic Institute since 1964.

Hydrostatic tests can be performed when specified. These tests are normally run up to the greater of 150% shut-off pressure or 200% of maximum operating pressure. Hydrostatic testing is particularly important in dry sump and horizontal applications and all pumps in those services include a hydrostatic test.

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