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Proper sump design is important to efficient system operation.  Water entering the sump should have minimum turbulence and a velocity of about 1 foot per second.  The entrance velocity to the suction bell inlet should approximate 2 feet per second or less. It is recommended that sudden changes in sump profile be greater than 5 bell diameters away from the centerline of the pump.

Vortexing caused by improper sump design or submergence may damage the pump.  Harmful vortexing can be eliminated by increasing submergence or incorporating a suction umbrella to reduce inlet velocity. 

For specific recommendations on sump design, contact the factory or consult the current standards of the Hydraulic Institute.

E =  Suction bell diameter

Q =  Minimum submergence required in average installations for continuous operation not over 4,000 ft. above sea
level.  For higher altitude installations refer to factory. 

Submergence and bottom clearance can be reduced by the addition of a suction umbrella.  Consult the factory for specific design requirements.
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