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In requesting information for estimating or planning purposes, please advise any known information.
Project Location/Name:
Project Comments:
Quantity of Pumps
  1) Performance Requirements
  a) Rated Capacity
b) Rated Total Head (exclusive of pump losses)
  c) Operating Head Range
  d) Any Secondary Operating Conditions
  e) Required Speed
  f) Variable Speed
  2) Application:
Industrial, Water treatment, Marine, Irrigation, Storm Water, Flood Control or Other
  • Note: See market served for examples.  
  3) Installation Type
Vertical, Slant Mount, Horizontal or other
  • Note: See typical pump configuration.  
  4) Materials of Construction
a) Suction and Discharge bowls           
  b) Impeller / Propeller
  c) Bearings
  d) Shafting and Couplings
  e) Discharge Column and Elbow
  f) Special Coatings
    • Note: See standard materials of construction.  
5) Water Quality
  6) Configuration of Discharge
a) Above or Below Baseplate
  b) Other
  7) Discharge Connection
a) Plainend for Flexible Pipe Coupling 
  b) Flange
  c) Other
  8) Length of Pump
a) Mounting Floor Elevation
  b) Sump Floor Elevation
  c) Or Sump Depth
  d) Pump Length 
  9) Lubrication
Oil, Product, Positive Water Flush, or Grease
  • Note: See Lubrication Types for detail  
  10) Type of Driver
Electric Motor, Right Angle Gear/ engine, motor or other
11) Any Special Features
Please Note: The information contained herein is general in nature and is not intended for specific application, construction, or installation purposes. Cascade Pump Company reserves the right to make changes in the information shown herein, add improvements, or discontinue manufacture at any time without notice or obligation.
Compliance with federal, State, Municipal and local regulations and laws concerning the environment, pollution, occupational health and safety may be affected by the installation, operation and use of this equipment and other matters over which Cascade Pump Company has no control. Cascade Pump Company assumes no responsibility for compliance with these laws or regulations whether by way of indemnity, warranty or otherwise.
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